Manicure Monday: The Best Nude Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone

Manicure Monday: The Best Nude Nail Polishes for Your Skin Tone


To say we’re big on nail art here at MDC would be an understatement. But every now and then we like to go back to basics. When we do take a break from chevron, dots, and ombré, we love to polish nude. Nude nails are more than just eternally chic: a flesh-toned manicure also elegantly elongates fingers–but only if you’re wearing the right shade. As with picking the perfect blush and hunting down a red lipstick you love, finding the best nude nail polish for you depends on your skin tone. Since ‘nude’ is a different color for everyone, today were taking all the guesswork out and giving you the complete guide to nude nail polish.

how to pick the perfect nude nail polish

Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, look for a creamy pinkish nude with cool blue undertones to counteract any redness you have. We recommend L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail in How Romantic, essie Brooch the Subject, OPI Nail Lacquer in Don’t Pretzel My Buttons, and L’Oréal Colour Riche Nail in Sweet Nothings.

Medium Skin

For medium skin with blue undertones, try a peachy beige shade like Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Royal Blush or Lancôme Vernis in Love in Beige Bachelorette. If you are more olive skinned, choose a warm sandy color like essie Sandy Beach or Rococo Nail Apparel in Scarlet.

Dark Skin

Dark skinned ladies should look for rich hues in caramel, toffee and taupe, but stay away from anything too pink. Some of our favorites include: Uslu Airlines Nail Polish in MYK, essie Hot Coco, Lancôme Vernis in Love in Beige Dentelle, and RGB Cosmetics HIPPXRGB Nail Foundation in F4.


Do you have a nude nail polish you stick with? Share your go-to nude below!

Photos: L’Oréal, essie, Uslu Airlines, Sally Hansen, Lancôme, OPI, Rococo, RGB Cosmetics

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