Wedding lingerie: Getting glamourous at the end of the big day

Wedding lingerie: Getting glamourous at the end of the big day


Whether it’s flexible, stretchy, sheer, or decorative, lingerie has to be a girls best friend second to the diamond; beautiful, sensual, enticing and alluring and I absolutely adore it {much to Rob’s delight (am I aloud to say that here *giggle*)} but whooooo doesn’t!? And seriously, is there any better day to buy expensive, beautiful and extravagant lingerie than for your wedding night? I sure did!!

Wedding lingerie

There are so many incredibly talented designers out there too and I’m not talking high street, nope, nope, nope. Like todays’ stunning lingerie made by Claire Pettibone – ooh, I don’t have enough adjectives to describe her current line – it’s loaded with sumptuous details using the finest couture French laces, Italian embroideries and silks, and I looooove the roses!!!

Fusing her love of vintage style and caressing her pieces with heirloom quality Claire’s lingerie won’t just come out on the wedding night – you will adore wearing them all the time!

Just beautiful! Gob-smackingly beautiful!


This is my “Oh my word!!!” piece. I am going to hint, hint, HINT to Rob that I must, must, MUST have it!

It’s not just about the dress

When you buy your wedding lingerie, go and grab the dearest, sexiest, most alluring piece you can afford! Trust me, you won’t regret it. And I’m not talking about the pleasure your Hubby will get from seeing you in it either Beautiful lingerie is a MUST because we all deserve to feel FABULOUS!

Like every woman should on her wedding day. It’s not just about the dress ladies!!!

So, why are you still here – go shopping!!! And if you’re already married or even if your not – do it anyway!!! See you there *whoop*!

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