EikonWorld Photography Presents Uju and ObioraTraditional Wedding in Anambra State

EikonWorld Photography Presents Uju and ObioraTraditional Wedding in Anambra State


Okay have been waiting for this and it’s finally arrived. The Traditional wedding of Uju and Obiora!  A much anticipated wedding and oh boy! I am not dissapointed. I love Uju’s color of Bronzy brown/ gold and burnt orange. This accentuates her skin color making her really glow and beautiful.  Obiora is not a bad looking fellow as well. This two cute couple are both from Anambra and their traditional wedding done in Uju’s father’s compound in Anambra state. I’ll leave Uju to tell her beautiful love story..( She says she is all drama, but I tell you she is not!)

Name of Couple: Olivet Uju Okeke and Obiora Chukwudolue Ulasi

Traditional Wedding: 2nd November, 2013

Location: Nnobi, Idemli-South LGA, Anambra State


How We Met:

We met at Chloe’s Cupcake Heaven in Abuja for the first time early September 2012. My friend and I came to have waffles and ice cream on a sunny afternoon and this guy walks in with two of his friends, and gives me an obvious stare….So I got uncomfortable and told my friends I can’t do this, and we had to go… as we were leaving, he followed me outside and tried to talk to me…. As the “drama queen” that I am (lol) I just talked as briefly as I could with straight answers. Though I told him my real name and where I worked, I didn’t give him my phone number. He tried and tried but I told him I had to run… He told me what if he already got it? I giggled and said “How?”… and he smiled and then I left. The rest is history now. LOL!

Uju’s Wedding Story: 

I am Ibo, and I’m the “Ada” first daughter of my family,so its very traditional the dowry is paid at my dad’s house, to my dad and with his people from the same village popularly called the “umu nnas” to witness the paying of bride price

So “Nnobi” where my family come from had to be the location for the traditional wedding, my dad’s compound to be exact. I wanted a traditional/modern feel at the same time to the wedding so I was very particular about almost everything, from the invitation cards to the decor to the Aso ebi girls color and also my attire.

Wedding Colors And  Attire:

Burgundy and Gold were the colors I chose for the asoebi because they are rich colors and the also photograph really well…. I also had two different attires which is commonly done in most cultures not just the Ibo’s…. The first attire I chose was orange,because I wanted to really glow especially with all the coral beads used as accessories.The fabric was a fantastic one, and I was glad I found it in orange. It was a sequin jorge material. Had a lovely boob tube mermaid dress made by Jemeela Ibrahim (Abuja) and the second outfit was a bronze/brown jorge and blouse accessorized with burnt orange handmade beads and Gele, also made by Jemeela Ibrahim (Abuja)




I chose the bronze/brown material because I wanted to glow as the bride…(lol) it was actually the next best color after the orange that suits my complexion.

I loved loved loved the colors I chose. They were so perfect for me and I have no regrets at all.


What’s the significance of the cup journey?

The significance of the cup journey basically is about my dad wanting to know who the man am getting married to is… by me giving the man (my husband) the Palmwine and bringing him to my father letting him know that he (my husband) is the one. And my husband accepting the palmwine my father has offered him through me, shows gratitude in return by stashing some cash in the cup and taking it back to my father along with me. So basically it’s just my dad wanting to know who my husband is. It’s a typical Ibo wedding tradition

After that was done, my father prayed for us and then the celebration began. Food, drinks, dance and music, traditional dancing troops performed …  It was fun fun fun!!!.  Right after the celebration, my dad and his “umu nna” called me together with my new family just before they whisked me away, and they individually prayed and gave us more words of advice. After that was done, his mum, sisters, wives( married into his family), helped me with my belongings from my dad’s house and put in their car before taking me away, immediately. Fortunately my husband is from Nnewi which is just ten minutes  away from Nnobi where I’m from,  so it still feels like home.xx

Dream Wedding Professionals
Uju is very grateful to her:

Caterers: Chitis Catering Services (Enugu)
Photography: Eikonworld Photography (Lagos)
Videography: Blue Bay Videos (Abuja)
Outfits: Jemeelah Ibrahim (outfits) Abuja , Styled by House Of Dorothy (Lagos)
Make Up by Fena(sleek studios Awka
Events Decor: Velentino Events (Enugu)

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