9 Brides Reveal Their Wedding Ring Engravings

9 Brides Reveal Their Wedding Ring Engravings



By the editors of TheKnot.com
Are you having your wedding bands engraved? Tell us below! Photo: Danielle Fleck Events

The custom of engraving wedding bands dates back to medieval Europe, when couples would include phrases from romantic poetry on their bands -- and we love how romantic this tradition is. We asked real brides on Facebook about their wedding ring engravings, and many of them were creative and unexpected. Get inspiration and ideas right here.

1. You are the best part of my day. -Lindsay

2. His says, "My favorite souvenir." We met at Disney world. -Brandice

3. Mine: "I love you," His: "I know." -Kait

4. Mine will say "I believe in us ." -Sharolyn

5. My engagement ring has "I will..." and the date of our engagement. Our wedding bands will say "I do..." With our wedding date. -Dana

6. "Forever," simple as that. -Sarah

7. Mine will say "to infinity" and his will say "and beyond" possibly the date as well. -Amanda

8. Ours say "Happily ever after 11-8-13″ -Holly

9. "Forever - Pinky Promise" bc we always pinky promise whenever we really mean something. -Lexi

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