Best ideas how to organize your destination wedding

Best ideas how to organize your destination wedding


Many people mistakenly call destination weddings "elopement". True, there are similarities: both are alternatives to a traditional wedding; both require the couple to accept whatever officiant is available; and both can be performed without the presence of anyone other than the couple and the person marrying them. However, there are differences, and it is these that make destination weddings so attractive.

Destination weddings offer a kind of package deal - wedding, reception, and honeymoon all rolled into one. They are so popular that speciality travel agents organize weddings in romantic locations such as Italy, the West Indies, California's wine country, Hawaii, and even on cruise ships. With so many specialists willing to help you, it's obvious that destination weddings are fancier than a simple elopement. They require more money and more advance planning, though not much of either as a traditional wedding does. (It is possible to book a destination wedding for the following month and pay up to half as much as you would for a traditional wedding.) As a bonus, if you want to share your wedding with a few close friends and family members, they can travel with you, attend the ceremony, and then holiday with you afterwards.

A destination wedding can lend an exotic or romantic atmosphere to your day. And there is the advantage that you do not need to spend traveling to your honeymoon location, too.

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