Fun City Engagement Session by Catalina Jean Photography

Fun City Engagement Session by Catalina Jean Photography


When two people in love get engaged, they want to share their joy with everyone. Being able to express themselves through photographs they will cherish for life is not just about how talented your photographer is, but it's about how comfortable you can be when your photographer helps you pour your soul into capturing what we call ''a step into eternity". This beautiful couple photographed by Catalina Jean Photography, shares their unexpected and exciting love story that lasted 7 years, and also has lots of fun with one another which truly makes the images so playful and one of a kind.

We enjoy receiving photographs from newly engaged couples and feel their energy through their smiles and what we enjoy most is learn more about how your significant ones made you the happiest on your special day!

How the met: The story of how we met. It was unexpected and exciting. We were at the right place at the right time. I was meeting friends at a local dive bar after work and they happened to be mutual friends of Bernardo. Bernardo was down in the Yakima valley from Seattle visiting for the thanksgiving holiday. The night began by Bernardo making fun of me for drinking a specific kind of beverage. From there on ensued a night full of laughs ending with a trip to the late night diner eating strawberry waffles.

How he proposed: It was a long time coming and a total surprise. After 7 years of dating Bernardo organized a night. I drove up from the Yakima valley to Seattle. We have been commuting between the Yakima valley and Seattle for the past 7 years. It was December 12, 2012. And I came up after finals at nursing school to spend time together. I was expecting a nice dinner with his coworkers, his companies Christmas party. On our way to said party we took a detour to the space needle. One of my favorite places in Seattle. We went to observation deck. A side note Bernardo is not a fan of heights. I was hungry and confused, but I love the Seattle space needle. We were on the observation deck we walked around. I started to get irritated because we kept moving when anyone was around and I was trying to enjoy the view. So finally we stopped in one spot, which was in the direction of where he was currently living. He started playing music on his iPhone, "the book of love" by Pete Gabriel. And that's when I knew. He took out a speech. Got down on one knee, and pulled out that pretty blue box. I was speechless and excited I barely got the word yes out. His sister was hiding, and came out to take pictures. It was amazing. I cried like a baby.

Describe the inspiration behind the location and outfits you choose for you engagement shoot: Fall colors was the inspiration for our outfits. There is something about the reds, yellows, oranges against a blue sky that is romantic and we wanted that in our pictures in more than one way our clothes and location. The location was the best of Seattle. Gas works has a great view of the Seattle city skyline, it's near the water and it has a place where it shows the changing colors of the trees.

What's with the hat photos? From the photographer: Victoria and Bernardo are fans of rival teams in WA so they thought it would be great to incorporate the rivalry into the shoot. The names of the college teams were University of Washington (U of W) and Washington State University (Wazzu).

Photography: Catalina Jean Photography

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