Vintage Blue and Gold Wedding | Wedding Inspiration Board

Vintage Blue and Gold Wedding | Wedding Inspiration Board


Board #581 | Sepia & Jewel

Credits: Sepia & Jewel Wedding | Snippet & Ink

Mood: Victorian romance
Palette: sepia, gold, white, scarab blue

After months of not posting an inspiration board (not since before Caroline was born!), I saw Laura Meyer's photo of that pretty little jewel-headed bird, and was struck with what an incredible palette that would be for a wedding. So here we have it: Sepia & Jewel. I imagined this palette for a couple with vintage sensibilities (perhaps a little Downton Abbey-esque?), and a late winter, early spring wedding date. Or fall. This could be beautiful for a fall wedding, with shades of gold and tan, white and cream, and accents of metallic blue. Also, I'm dying to see more brides in unusual gowns, like this stunner from Elie Saab ...

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