The Story Of The Lonely Bouquet in Denver

The Story Of The Lonely Bouquet in Denver


"Inspire kindness, and pay it forward, even if it is something small." Tricia Egan of Violet Floral Design wanted to brighten up her darling Denver, Colorado by spreading a little extra Valentine's Day cheer. She teamed up with the talented Sara Hasstedt and amazing Lana's Shop after being inspired by The Lonely Bouquet.

Short and sweet - The Lonely Bouquet consists of creating a beautiful floral bouquet and then abandoning it somewhere special in your city for a local to discover, take home, and enjoy. The Lonely Bouquet concept originated and was started by a small floral garden in Belgium called Fleuropean. Their notion touched and inspired Sara and Lana's Shop, so they together decided to pass on the love just in time for Valentine's Day, and not only brought it to the streets of Denver, but decided to take it one step further...

Each Lonely Bouquet designed by Violet includes a beautiful blank hand illustrated notecard (courtesy of Lana's Shop). The reason for the note card? We ask the Lonely Bouquet recipient to pass a dash of kindness along to another person by sending the written note card to someone unexpected. We figured two smiles per Lonely Bouquet is better than one. These photos were from the kickoff of their first Lonely Bouquet story here in Denver.

Violet has loved leaving Lonely Bouquets throughout Denver during the holiday season and will continue all year round. A special thanks to Sara Hasstedt for her dreamy film photography and to Lana's Shop for creating the thoughtfully illustrated note card to include with each bouquet. "The idea of leaving something fresh, artistic, and handmade in our city just to make someone smile was romantic to me."

Photographer: Sara Hasstedt
Flowers: Violet
Stationery: Lana's Shop

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