20 Creative Wedding Cupcake Toppers

20 Creative Wedding Cupcake Toppers


Why should cake toppers get all the glory? We've rounded up some darling wedding cupcake toppers for you to add to your pint-sized sweets!

If you want cupcake toppers, but really have no idea what to do, go with the classic option of using your names or monogram. It's elegant and traditional, and adds a little something beautiful to your cupcakes.

This pearlescent monogrammed topper is also edible, so...bonus!

We love holiday and seasonal themes. Why not incorporate a little nod to the time of year on your desserts?

These Cupid's arrows are perfect for a Valentine's Day wedding, and I can think of no better way to usher in summer than candy butterflies adorning a mini-mountain of buttercream.

Are you planning a fall wedding? If your palette embraces the falling leaves and autumnal shades that surround the season, consider extending the theme through to your cupcakes. Use a dark chocolate cake and a slightly golden frosting to bring out the amber tones in these fondant leaves (above).

If you plan on hosting a Halloween affair (and believe me, there are a lot of you out there), raven cupcake toppers are ever so darkly sophisticated. Something wicked this way comes, and spoiler alert, it's red velvet!

One of my favorite winter wedding trends is all about the natural elements-trees, snow, bare branches-total minimalist elegance. These birch wood trees are the perfect topper for the theme (below).

Want to up the whimsy factor of your cupcakes? You need a topper that's a whole lot of fun. You've been working hard on wedding planning, and deserve an A+. Celebrate by adding a gold star to your treats.

Colorful patterns are such a fun way to "dress up" a cupcake. Use flags or mini-pinwheels to make your guests giggle before they dig in.

Tissue poms are still a very popular decor detail. But these are the first ones I've seen on a cupcake. I'm sold.

Feel like your guests might not be getting the message? Use cupcake toppers in cheerful shades that pass along your wedding sentiments (below).

Carry your theme through to your cupcakes. We've rounded up some that are just plain perfect for the most trendy of wedding themes, from honeybees to tropical tiki.

Get your geek on. You know who you are. Your wedding is going to be filled with pop culture references (that quite possibly half of your guests aren't going to understand), and you are darn proud of it. Here are a couple of ideas we think you are going to geek out over. First, I have two words for you: Cupcake. Ninja. These little paper warriors will make sure there is a cupcake left for you after the party.

And second, who doesn't have a little nostalgia for all things Mario? These fondant toppers will take your cupcakes to the next level.

Credits: Floral Wreath Printables// Monogram Flags// Edible Monogram// Cupid's Arrows// Candy Butterflies// Autumn Leaves// Ravens// Wooden Trees// Gold Stars// Pretty Flags// Pinwheels// Tissue Poms// Mint Flags// Honey Bee// Life Preserver// Vinyl Records// Map Hearts// Tropical Tiki// Paper Ninja// Super Mario

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