Photo Pendant

Photo Pendant


I've already started looking for a present for Mother's Day. I absolutely adore personalized gifts that's why I obviously intend to prepare something by myself. I thought of a Heart-shaped Cake with my mother's name and a handmade piece of jewellery.

While looking for a unique design for a bracelet I found and adorable idea of how to make a Photo Pendant. The blog Sarah Saving inspired me to preserve my mom's special memories in little precious medallion. With the use of family photos and a few needed materials I can create a keepsake my mum will treasure forever.

The original idea is to prepare a single pendant but I think I'll go for a the whole family bracelet. Do you think this design will bring lots of attention? Drop us a line about your Mother's Day gifts. Share the ideas on our fan page.

The tutorial of Photo Pendant is here

What you need:

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