Nutella Mug Cake

Nutella Mug Cake


So many times I've tried to give up nutella but how is it impossible if whenever I open cookery blogs there is at least one recipe containing this ingredient. All these Nutella Brownies, Nutella Popsicles, Nutella Star Bread are the products which I tend to come back like a boomerang.

And just when I came to terms with my final break up with nutella addiction I found a Nutella Mug Cake. Angie McGowan from Babble encouraged me to fulfill my chocolate craving with this perfect nutella dessert. She was right to carry out some modifications to bring the recipe to excellence. Once you taste it you will know what I mean. I can't stop, nutella is my life energy, if you have some other nutella recipes share them on our website.

You will see this delicious recipe of Nutella Mug Cake if you follow the link

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