Surprise Circus Wedding in Barcelona, Spain | Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Surprise Circus Wedding in Barcelona, Spain | Whimsical Wonderland Weddings


This week we head to Barcelona, Spain for the super special wedding of Alexa and Xavi; who wanted to surprise their guests with a circus wedding at an amusement park.

With so much entertainment for the guests they were sure to have an amazing day. I love the vibrant pops of colour, the whimsical decor and the views. Oh so stunning.

Thanks so very much to Silver Moon for sharing their wonderful imagery today, here is what wedding planner Carole Bipat from Marry Me in Spain had to say about the day;

"Alexa and Xavi wanted a wedding in Barcelona city, a unique venue, no a standard place nor a "factory of weddings". They wanted a venue that truly surprises!And Tibidabo surprised! Not only for the breathtaking place, but also because they decided not telling to anybody the venue until the wedding day. A secret for the guests and a confidentiality Pact for the vendors. We put up with the pressure...!The invitations only had a meeting point. There, some mimes were waiting to the guests to invite them to take the funicular train, until the emblematic and majestic church of Tibidabo.After the ceremony, when the guests left the church, everyone was asking: Where shall we go now? At that moment, the Dixieland group started to act. There was no better than this New Orleans, happy and colorful music to welcome the guests to the Tibidabo Park. A fantastic moment.And the doors opened... And all the people stayed open-mouthed.Mojitos and cotton candies were welcoming the people, meanwhile they were studying the program and thinking about what attraction they would do first... Dodgem, Carousel? Mirror Palace? Plane?The cocktail placed in the "mirador", unique place to enjoy the views, the Dixieland group, the carousel in the background and...the waiters dressed up as a mimes! A premiere in the weddings of Marry me in Spain.With all these incredible details, we didn't reveal the theme of the wedding yet. As we were in the Tidibado Park, we chose "the entertainment" as a main theme, with a circus ringmaster, mimes, clowns noses in the plates, with balloons as centerpieces, with lots of red, yellow, blue colors, the confetti, a photocall with a red curtain, with a single file dance as the first dance, garlands of lights and with waiters-clowns...A luxury wedding, two days of set-up, an excellent team, dedication, but above all a brilliant couple: Alexa and Xavi. A positive couple, open-minded, dared, looking for a 100% personalized wedding, and the most important ... they knew how to enjoy their wedding day!!"


Photography | Silver Moon

Planner | Marry Me In Spain

Catering | Le Chef

Graphics and decoration | Oh my goodies

Lighting | La Floreria

Wow what a day, it must have been so much fun.

Thanks so so much for sharing guys XOXO Lou

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