5 Ways To Announce Your Engagement

5 Ways To Announce Your Engagement


So you just got engaged and you are are excited, nervous and worried. Good worried that is! How do you tell the world you are no longer searching and have found the one? The engagement shoot is an amazing way to celebrate the bling, the love and the happiness. The matching T-shirt is very trendy now but there are other ways to make your announcement so special. Here are some inspiration.

1, I love the idea of this double dose of goodness. Telling people goodnews with something sweet to pop in the mouth. I imagine having a little party for friends and family to announce your engagement and giving them this before the announcement! I could imagine the surprise and joy on their faces. Try it

2, This idea of finger prints is another cute way of telling the world you have finally found love. Doing this and adding on your facebook page BB is enough said! {via: Here}

3, Using signs is one very popular method used world wide to announce engagements. Why not DIY your own. You could write on your palm, on a paper or on the wall. Whichever one you fancy. Using signs is such a cute way of getting the message across.

4, I have seen so many "He asked She Said" but bumping into this and loving the simple "MINE" sign

{via @maccasper} IG

5, The sign in the air is a latest trend to signify your love too! I love this.

{via: EngagedandInspired}

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