Looking Ahead: Spring Hair Trends to Try Now!

Looking Ahead: Spring Hair Trends to Try Now!


Even though we are in the throes of fall and have pumpkin spice lattes and dark lipstick on the brain, the team at MDC is always looking ahead at what's to come in the beauty realm. We're lucky enough to have amazing trend experts to fill us in on the latest and greatest beauty looks and products. That being said, hair guru Zachary Morad, recently took a trip across the pond to attend Paris Fashion Week, where he got a glamorous glimpse into the future of hair trends that will soon become our obsessions. Take it away, Zachary!

Every September, the world turns its attention to Paris in hopes to catch a glimpse of tomorrow. The energy of Fashion Week fills the city and allows us to see and feel the excitement of things to come. This year I was fortunate enough to be a part of that infectious buzz and, while the runways were donned with gorgeous hair inspiration for future seasons, what inspired me the most was the mane styles of the native Parisians. Take a look at my four faves.

1. Street sleek
The loose beach waves and curls that dominated most of 2014 will soon be replaced with sleeker, smoother locks. It's clear that the ladies of Paris have already started gravitating away from bouncy curls and toward a different kind of texture. While some have adopted new pin-straight looks, many have allowed a dash of texture to be present, giving us a new take on the sexy (and ever-popular) bed-head style. To achieve this look, quickly run a flatiron over your hair so that you are not so much straightening it, but rather smoothing out the texture. Then, flip your head over and lightly spritz your mane with texturizing spray (my current fave is L'Oréal Paris EverStyle Texture Series Beach Spray).

2. Totally one-sided
Center part? Nope. Side part? Nah. Combover? Yes, please! Although this title probably brings up images of semi-bald men attempting to cover their hairlessness with an awkwardly brushed-over piece of hair, its the only way to describe my favorite new look. Discovered while on my "Parisian pilgrimage," this trend redefines the side part. The concept is taken to an extreme as all the hair is tossed over to one side and allowed to fall as it may. The result? A sexy, effortlessly mysterious look. Completely unbothered by any hairs that may be out of place, this look is the ultimate in relaxed sophistication.

3. A throwback bun
Let's take those sky high top knots down a notch! Move that tousled, makeshift chignon from the top of your head to the nape of your neck, to create a fresh twist on an old favorite. Allowing a few stray hairs to fall out of line will create a soft frame around your face while putting forth a delicate chicness worthy of the Champs-Élysées. To help muss-up and pump-up your bun, sprinkle the crown with a texturizing powder ( I love L'Oréal Paris True Grip Texturizing Powder.)

4. The cherry on top
One of the more surprising trends I observed while in Paris was the embracing of hair accessories and embellishments. Whether it was a brooch to tuck back a piece of hair or a simple crystal headband to frame a simple pony, Parisian women are all about dressing up their hair, and I love it! Using small, simple accessories like gold bobby pins, chopsticks or even a flower is a great way to give your look a little something extra!

Which of these trends will you be trying first? Tell us in the comments below!

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