Orit Barzelai Bohemian Beautiful Wedding Dresses - Whimsical...

Orit Barzelai Bohemian Beautiful Wedding Dresses - Whimsical...


Chic, bohemian and comfortable bridal style for you this fine afternoon.

I can see brides in these fabulous dresses on balmy breezy days or at a winter affair draped in a cosy shrug. Versatile yet striking; any bride would feel amazing donning one of these gowns.

Let me introduce you to Orit Barzelai.

Hi my name is Orit Barzelai.

I graduated from the prestigious Shenkar - College of Engineering and Design, there I mastered the skills of draping and pattern making that I utilize when creating fashion for brides.

I live and work in Tel Aviv. I feel very fortunate to be a part of a global capital where modern emerging culture thrives. I am excited by the delicate balance between old and new in this amazing city, the clear beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea and a city that never sleep. The contrast between sitting in outdoor cafes along the beach to the busy, noisy streets decorated by simple Bauhaus architecture are my main sources of inspiration when I'm drafting and creating my seasonal women's wear collections.

The environment I live in naturally inspires me to design dresses that look effortlessly laid back yet chic and feminine, using fabrics such as sheer delicate tulle and chiffons, while adorning them with new or vintage lace, embroideries and beads that I find in the local markets.

As believe a bride should feel comfortable throughout her special day and the key to my success has been a keen ability to engineer a flexible fit for all body types while maintaining a fashion forward aesthetic.

I love my work, especially the part of being inspired while crafting a new collection, finding new materials and unique embroideries to combine and create my vision of the modern bride. I am always excited when my brides sends me photos of her wonderful wedding day.

Knowing I have made someone feel beautiful means the world to me.

In my early 30's I decided I wanted to make my dream come true and become a fashion designer. I left my job as a high tech manager and enrolled in Shenkar fashion institute.

I met the love of my life while I was a student and got married to him while still in school. I enjoyed designing my wedding dress so much that I decided to make a two dresses, one for the ceremony and one for the party.

This wonderful experience led me to become a bridal wear designer, wanting to make each bride special day as magical as my own was.

I am so privileged to help brides in finding the dress they dreamed of for their perfect day.

I am communicating with amazing brides to be from all over the world.

Draping fabric on the mannequin, sketching and embroidering to create new designs.

Browsing inspiring websites. Usually looking at street fashion blogs, architecture magazine and Japanese contemporary art.

I guess I would enjoy working as a wedding planner. I would love to create the complete perfect vision of this magical day.

A pleasant wedding experience, I know planning a wedding can be stressful and I want my brides to feel beautiful, graceful and comfortable on their big day so they could be relaxed and really have some fun. Isn't that's what it's all about?:-)

Romantic, feminine, effortless.

I try to maintain reasonable rates for my wedding dresses.

Keep an open mind and try to figure what works best for your body type, it makes all the deference between a well fitted wedding dress to a flattering wedding dress.

There is an emphasis on comfort and individuality. New trends for wedding dresses such as bohemian romance and cool beach chic focus on the bride's personal style.

Now days I'm working on a new bridesmaids collection which I am very excited about.

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You are also welcome to ask me any question directly- [email protected]

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Model | Nofar Cohen

Amazing make up and hair artist | Netanel Atias

Totally beautiful. Thank you so much Orit for sharing your wonderful designs with us today and how exciting is that bridesmaid dress news?! Wow XO Lou

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