DIY Felt Rose Napkin Rings

DIY Felt Rose Napkin Rings


One of my favourite things about having people over for dinner - aside from a) their company and b) the actual food, of course - is that I get to go to town with setting the table. I love making an effort for guests, even if it's only me that ever really appreciates it :)

So today's tutorial for these DIY felt rose napkin rings by Made by Molu is right up my street. I'll definitely be giving these a go before my next gathering - in fact, what better excuse is there to have people over now?!


  • Felt sheets
  • Florist wire
  • Florist tape
  • Scissors & Glue (craft, fabric or hot glue gun)
  • Curtain rings or key ring connecters (50mm wide)


      Select your colours to make up your flowers. Remember that each flower will be a two-tone effect so pick two contrasting colours per flower and that they're all complimenting each other.
  • Lay your felt sheets down to draw out your guides using a circular template of your choice, preferably about 10cm in width, to trace around. Fit as many circles on the one sheet to avoid any wastage. You will need two sets of flowers per napkin ring. Cut out all the circles of felt.
  • Once all the circles are cut, take your scissors and cut, in a spiral motion, about a centimetre in width from the outside towards the centre. Do these with all your circles.
    Take some florist wire (or any wire, and if they're thin then double them up) and cut out about 12-15cm in length. These will become the stems for your flowers.
  • Now comes the slightly fiddly part. Take the centre of the cut out spiral felt pieces and tightly twist the centre around your wire so it forms the shape of a flower bud. You can add a bit of glue at the inner end of the felt so it is secure against the wire otherwise you can bend the wired a bit for it to stay secure. While you don't have to be super neat with this stage, try and ensure the felt piece is still tightly wrapped around to avoid loosening up later. You may add a bit of glue along the way to ensure it stays in place.
  • When you get to the ends, add more glue to stick the ends down neatly. You will see now how the two colours and depth to your flowers! Repeat this process with all your flowers.
  • Now take your florist tape and cover the stems of all your flowers.
  • Then take your key rings and wrap the stems of your flowers around securely, one at a time. Once they're all done, you can cover up the entire ring with florist wire so that you're concealing all the joints. If you prefer not to see the green florist tape at all, you can take it one step further and wrap some twine or cord around the ring for more organic finish. And you could always embellish it further by going down a nice bead into the centre of the flowers.
And there you have it! Your two-tone felt floral napkin rings that's a perfect addition to your tables this Spring/Summer!



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