Beautiful Barn Wedding - Polka Dot Bride

Beautiful Barn Wedding - Polka Dot Bride


I get so darn excited seeing a wedding after we've featured their engagement photos and Kendall and Zach's beautiful barn wedding follows their equally as beautiful romantic golden sunset engagement photos. They chose a wedding which reflected their lifestyle - casual, fun and colourful. The apple orchard setting the most beautiful scene for the ceremony, a reception following in the barn afterwards and plenty of beautiful moments in between. Laki Sideris captured all the moments in stills today for us to share.

As for how they met, Kendall tells the story. "We had mutual friends throughout high school before becoming closer in our final year."

The groom and groomsmen wore suits from Country Road and

Kendall remembers, "We stayed in a house and two villas on the one block in Daylesford that allowed us to sleep 16 together for the weekend. It was so special spending not just the day but the weekend with both of our families and best friends."

Trish Sousa styled the bride and bridesmaid's hair and makeup, Kendall remarking, "Trish was great to work with, she is so easy to get along with and of course she made me and my girls absolutely beautiful on the day!"

Kendall wore a gown with mint Just Because 'Jaipur' shoes, and a floral crown from The Wolf Cub. She tells, "I purchased my dress from Brides of Manuka after lusting over it on the Watters website and trying on a sample 10 sizes too big in Brisbane. It was the only dress that I genuinely didn't stop thinking about. I had my wonderful alterations lady add the little cap sleeves to make it even more one of a kind."

Pepper Sprout Hire assisted with styling and setup on the wedding day, the paper flowers and bunting made by the bride's mum.

Kendall and Zach chose Providence Gully for their wedding, noting, "We fell in love with Providence Gully the moment we set foot in it over a year before our wedding. It included everything we wanted in our venue and Clare was the most amazing vendor to work with. Nothing was too much or too difficult for her to do. This was so helpful especially as we were planning from interstate. We wanted a venue that gave us absolute freedom to do what we wanted and have everything exactly as we planned. We didn't want to be boxed into anything that didn't match who we are and Providence Gully allowed us to create the perfect day." The flower backdrop was made by the couple with silk flowers and fishing line.

Kendall walked down the aisle to, "Can't Help Falling in Love With You cover by Ingrid Michaelson. It was one of the last decisions we made."

Charis White officiated the ceremony, the bride noting, "Our celebrant Charis White was also amazing. She explained the process so easily and created the perfect ceremony that reflected us as a couple. We'd been together quite a while, since we were in high school, and this was our day just to show to everyone how much we love each other."

"We both wanted to make sure our immediate family all had a special role on the day. Our mums were our witnesses, our dad's did the speeches, our siblings were in the bridal party or did our readings and Kendall's oldest sister made the cake. Our nephew was our ring bearer and I (Kendall) wore my Grandma's watch and has chosen to wear my Nanna's wedding ring as my wedding ring."

"When we left Daylesford it was windy and overcast but by the time we got to Providence Gully, the clouds had cleared to a perfect blue sky, sun shining in through the beautiful gum trees. We chose to have the ceremony nestled in an apple orchard and it turned out to be spectacular."

"The setting for the ceremony came together perfectly. We'd spent ages the day before trying to work out the perfect spot and it just worked beautifully on the day. The backdrop, placement of the seating and the light of the sun all made the ceremony incredible. We wanted everyone to know that we love each other and have the best time together!"

In lieu of a traditional floral bouquet Kendall's mother made a bouquet of paper flowers tied with colourful ribbons.

Guests enjoyed garden games and refreshments after the ceremony, Kendall telling, "We wanted the day to reflect who we are - casual, relaxed, fun and care-free. We didn't want to have anything formal as that's not who we are. The whole idea was to just get married and have a party with the ones we love. It went as we had hoped with everyone mingling around enjoying themselves, not feeling like they had to stay in their designated seat."

"We were fortunate that everything went smoothly in the lead up. The only hitch being the boutonnieres for the Groom and Groomsmen got stuck in customs and never arrived. No dramas however, as the great crew at Wombat Hill Nursery and Florist custom made some for us overnight!"

Of their photographer, Kendall remarks, "Our photographer Laki Sideris is especially talented. With photography being one of the only tangible parts of the day, it was so important to us to have beautiful photographs and Laki definitely went above and beyond. He was with us from so early in the morning and stayed till late at night and captured seemingly every moment of the day, not just of us but of so many of our guests also. Every image says so much, we'll never tire of looking through them."

Kendall's sister made an ombre toned wedding cake for the newlyweds.

Pizza Be With You served up tasty pizzas for the reception dinner.

The formalities were long over, no planned first dance. Kendall remembers "We didn't have a first dance! But we did have a bit of a slow dance to Ed Sheeran's "Thinking out Loud". Laki captured the moment beautifully without the embarrassment of everyone watching us! "

Congratulations on your marriage Kendall and Zach! Thank you for allowing us to share the story of your day. Thank you also to Laki Sideris for sharing today's celebration with us!

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