Willem & Joanine's Voortrekker Monument Wedding - Wedding Friends

Willem & Joanine's Voortrekker Monument Wedding - Wedding Friends


We love sharing weddings that are out of the ordinary and simply trendsetting. A wedding at the Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria is not something you hear about every day. We are ecstatic to share with you the wedding of Willem and Joanine. The most beautiful couple, and dare we follow the cliche, inside and out. This spectacular day was photographed by the very talented and energetic photography team from Picture Me & U, videography was done by Hauke Digital Productions, stationery by Chrystalace Wedding Stationery, flowers by Sow the Seed and planning by White Lace Events.

Lovebirds | How did you two meet?

My brother introduced us in when I was still in school, but I wasn't really interested in
him as he was in varsity. So when I came to varsity we saw each other on multiple
occasions but we never really spoke and I didn't realise that we have already met two
years before. When I realized Willem is friends with my brother I decided to find out
more about Willem. My brother told me he is very shy and won't really make the first
move. So I decided I should do something before he leaves varsity. I found him on
facebook and told him it is time we meet for coffee as we keep on meeting unexpectedly,
and we did.

I said Yes | How did the proposal go down?

We went hiking in the Golden Gate Nature Reserve. One morning he woke me up very
early and said we have to go watch the sunrise from the top of the mountain. We started
hiking to the top, but in the wrong direction. We lost our way and missed the whole
sunrise... eventually when we got to the top of the mountain there was this beautiful view
over the mountains. There we just sat and took in the extraordinary view, then suddenly
his voice became shaky and he said to me "I love you and want to spend my whole life
with you, will you marry me?" and I said "yes".

The Big Day | Tell us the most memorable moment of your wedding day?

Before the day of the wedding everyone told us that it is very important that we take
every moment in of this day... that's exactly what we did. There was not one moment that
we wished the time to go by faster. The two most special moments for us both was
listening to the choir that sang in the church during the ceremony and also opening the
dance floor to our favorite song.

I Quote | Describe in one sentence your wedding day

It wasn't just a ceremony with procedures, it was a simple celebration with good food
and great company.

Forever & Always | Any advice for future brides

Don't over think the planning, get a good planner to do the worrying for you. If you can't
get a planner, ask your friends to help and delegate tasks. Don't do everything yourself,
otherwise you will be frustrated with the wedding long before the big day.

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