Dreamy DIY Lace Ballet Flats For Brides | Weddingomania

Dreamy DIY Lace Ballet Flats For Brides | Weddingomania


Gentle, dreamy, perfect and adorable! It's all about these lace flats. And of course they are so comfortable! For this project you'll need glue, sharp scissors, quick un-pick, pins, needle, thread, lace and tulle and pair of lacy or soft fabric ballet flats. First remove the tape binding the top edge of the shoes using the quick un-pick. To maintain the correct shoe shape and tension run a row of small stitches around the top edge. Then cut an 8inch wide length of tulle long enough to wrap all round the shoe. Fold in half and pin the folded edge close to the sole edge and glue. Keep the pins in place till the glue is dry. The rest of the tutorial is here.

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