Chic Boho Destination Wedding in Tuscany

Chic Boho Destination Wedding in Tuscany


Any week that starts off in Tuscany is going to be a good one. And today's destination wedding in Italy is easing us into our Monday very nicely indeed!

German bride Meike & French groom Christoph, are a creative couple based in Munich, who chose the sun-soaked hillsides of Lucignano D'Asso for their beautiful bohemian wedding.

Crammed with sweet DIY touches and gorgeous style, their laid-back nuptials were cool, personal, and super chic!

We could gush about this romantic wedding all day, (and we probably will on Instagram!) but before you scroll down to read all the details from the couple themselves, we figured it was best to leave you in the hands of the person who captured every last detail.

Take it away, the talented, Rochelle Cheever Photography ...

From the Photographer

Inspired by bohemian energy and love, Meike and Christoph dreamed of a wedding day that was magical and relaxing in the rolling hills of Tuscany. And like most destination weddings, the wedding day became a weekend of wedding celebration filled with colorful balloons, majestic olive trees, and even inflatable flamingos for a fun pool party. Being an art director in Germany, the bride Meike and her loved ones did a lot of the details themselves. From the pastel-dappled candy bar to the hand-painted signs, there wasn't one detail that didn't have a personal touch. Even the couple's dog, Henri, played his special part and made sure the rings got down the aisle! With the Italian region known for its warm picturesque scenery and fresh country air, it only set the scene for a beautiful and casual holiday all in the name of matrimony.

Wedding Day Snapshot

Our Proposal Story

Last year in December, I proposed to Meike. We went to Sri Lanka. All was set for a romantic dinner at the beach, yet Meike needed to work and cancelled the dinner (unbelievable). So, at 11pm I convinced her to have a 10 minute walk at the beach and we lay down on a lounge chair, looked into the stars and I proposed.

The Inspiration

The magnificent countryside, the stunning beauty of the nature, the special smell of the Tuscan air and for sure the warm sunlight that gives you a cosy and welcome feeling. It was a kind of a bohemian wedding. Everything very down to earth with a lot of love for the little details. Our plan was to create a magic place to make it easy to relax and enjoy.

The Dress

Finally, after a long journey, looking for the right dress in different bridal stores, I designed the dress myself. I found a lot of inspiration on the internet, and with Katrin Bobek I found the right tailoress to realize my dream dress. It was vintage style, with pockets and a lot of lace and an almost naked sexy back. It was important to me to have a dress I could sit on the ground in, if I wanted to!

Our Favourite Details

We spent three days in Lucignano D'Asso so it's hard to pick out the favorite. It was the feeling, like holidays with friends, so much harmony and love in the air. One of the highlights was our dog Henri bringing the rings. I also loved the pink inflatable flamingos of the pool party, and the 'kiss here' sign was pretty good as well during all three days. And not to forget the vintage car Christoph bought. Even the little mistakes that happened are my favorite stories to tell, our 'fake cake' for example. In Germany we are used to have normal cakes you can cut completely - we got a cake with a Styrofoam base on every level and nobody told us, so we really tried to cut through it, it was hilarious! Our celebrant, Gary Moore was perfect, so professional and such a heartwarming person ... I would highly recommend him!

The Ceremony

We did the most details on our own... We had a lovely candy bar, set up by a friend of ours, pastel colored balloons everywhere, hand painted wooden signs to show our guests the way, we put Polaroid pictures of us and our friends on the olive trees. I am an art director and have my own agency in Munich ... my whole team helped and did an amazing job! To match the overall concept we had letterpress invitations on uncoated paper, wild flowers in different colored jars and the most stunning venue we've ever seen. We did a moodboard first to get the right feeling for all elements, we thought everything should feel informal, we had wooden wine barrels, our guests sat on hay bales during the ceremony ... we found a lot of good inspiration on the internet (thank you, Pinterest) and mixed the ingredients together.

The Decor & Details

It's worth putting a lot of effort in, it's your special day. We also want to say thank you to everybody who helped to make these days so special. It was magic!

Advice for Other Couples

So sweet, right? I just love the reception area, those flowers are beautiful. And what a gorgeous wedding dress, so cool that it was co-designed by the bride! That cake-cutting story is pretty hilarious too!

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Thanks so much to Rochelle Cheever Photography, and our wonderful bride and groom, Meike & Christoph for sharing their romantic Tuscan wedding with us.

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