Get the Look: Paris Fashion Week Street Style at Dior, Dries Van Noten and Elie Saab

Get the Look: Paris Fashion Week Street Style at Dior, Dries Van Noten and Elie Saab


Gimlet-eyed Kristin Yamada is busy snapping street-style starlets during Fashion Week. Here are her photos to inspire you for next season (or this one) and some wardrobe picks to help you get the look.

Miroslava Duma stirs up such frenzy everywhere she goes, sometimes even she has to just stop and take it in. Completely surrounded by a 360-degree sea of photographers, Mira stays as cool as her style. Her nylon bomber is an absolute must-have item this season. If you don't have one, now is the time to invest! Casual denim is dressed up with a great pair of laced heels. The kitten heel in particular, as seen on Mira, is gaining momentum.

Vetements nylon bomber | Vetements deconstructed crop jeans | Vince Camuto Kathin lace up

Nina Schwichtenberg ( Fashiion Carpet) is back, this time in Paris, with another chic neutral-based look. I love her take on spring layering here with a cozy off the shoulder sweater over crisp shirting. Sleeves are a major point of interest at the moment and the bell cut of Nina's is pronounced, but not overly exaggerated. Culottes continue to reign supreme and rich accessories in brown suede and croc add texture. Nicely done, Nina!

Zero + Maria Cornejo fringe trim off shoulder sweater | Chloé small drew bag | A.J. Morgan moonies sunglasses

Today, blogger Christina Pitanguy ( Christina Pitanguy) is giving a little lesson in how to update black and white with a primary pop. I'm loving Christina's bright blue accessories. Colored fur was huge in New York and is back again in Paris. The matching color of her mirrored sunglasses is all the more exciting. Stripes are always a popular pattern theme and look great here mixed into the look with solids. Thanks, Christina!

Akris Punto stripe wool jacket | Burberry fur trim cashmere scarf | Linda Farrow D-frame mirrored sunglasses

The 70's continue to trend on the streets and I'm digging this subtly inspired look from Aimee Song ( Song of Style). Denim flares are dressed up with slick patent shine. The ruffle blouse is a key item and though we've seen the moto time and time again, it is wonderfully updated in muted color suede. Sleek cat-eye sunglasses complete the look.

Chloé ruffle V-neck blouse | Stella McCartney flare jean | RtA suede moto jacket

xo -Kristin Yamada

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