24 Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas For Fairytale Lovers - Weddingomania

24 Mermaid Bridal Shower Ideas For Fairytale Lovers - Weddingomania


In spite of the fact that we are adults, we still believe in fairytales like kids! If you are a big fan of the fairytale or maybe animated Disney film "The Little Mermaid", we offer you to make the mermaid theme your main theme for your bridal shower! It's a brilliant idea, and your bridesmaids will love it! All you need is to carefully think over all details of your feast. Let's start!

First of all prepare your invitations: you can pick up blue or green shades for them and add an image of mermaids. Then you need to choose various décor elements for the place where you are gonna celebrate, such as table centerpieces, signs and wall and chair décor details. For table centerpieces make a composition with flowers, shells, starfishes, stones and small figures of a mermaid. You can also make a bottle for messages and wishes from your friends, it will be so touching! Pay your special attention to food and especially desserts: try to create starfish or seashell shaped cookies (you can use them as favors for your guests too), funny cupcakes with mermaid tails and a blue wave color cake. So what about bridal shower gowns and dress code? Choose light blue, green or turquoise dresses and shell hair accessories and of course ask your friends to have at least one accessory according to the bridal shower theme. Now you can scroll down to see and pick up some cool and funny ideas which you can implement! Be creative!

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