Fun Bohemian Themed Bridal Shower In The Yard - Weddingomania

Fun Bohemian Themed Bridal Shower In The Yard - Weddingomania


Just like your wedding day your bridal shower can be just the way you want it to be. There're no strict rules or a necessity to follow some old traditions. The main idea is to have fun with your best friends before you finally change your status to "married". If you want the party to be anything but cliché, then try to push the boundaries of what's typical. For bridesmaids and their beloved bride-to-be from today's shoot it was essential to have a party that is laid-back, intimate and relaxed, so they gave preference to a boho themed affair.

Gals arranged and decorated the tables in the yard overlooking Newman Lake for a cozy picnic-like dinner with games and secret talks, but the weather almost spoilt all the fun. At the moment when everything was organized outdoors, it started raining. However, instead of being disappointed or upset by the freaks of nature, everyone tried to stay positive and waited for the rain to pass. They've started to move things inside, when the bride-to-be arrived to the location. This party was a complete surprise for her - she drove there without knowing a thing about the upcoming celebration. While everyone was welcoming her with hugs and kisses, the sky has cleared so they could finally have the boho party they've originally wanted. There were a lot of happy laughs that day filled with delicious snacks, crazily fun games, do-it-yourself flower crowns and even karaoke. Take a closer look at all of the amazing photographs by Jessica Laura Photography and get inspired for your own bridal shower.

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