21 Original Wood Wedding Invitation Ideas - Weddingomania

21 Original Wood Wedding Invitation Ideas - Weddingomania


If you are looking for a unique way to invite your friends and family to your wedding, if everybody knows that your couple is very creative and you wanna show your personalities once again, then pay your attention to this idea. Today I offer you to pick up awesome wood wedding invitations for your big day. Of course, it isn't a new idea but it still looks very original and stunning. When your friends get these invitations, I'm sure, they will be surprised and delighted. So don't think twice, choose this invitation idea and you won't regret about it for sure!

If you think that these invitations will be perfect only for woodland themed weddings, you are totally wrong. You can use them for barn, rustic, country and even vintage themed weddings. Choosing your wedding theme, just decide how your wooden invitations will look. First of all, you need to decide what type of material you want: real expensive wood (for example, mahogany wood) or veneer. Of course, it will influence the price. If you wanna cheap wedding invitations, you can pick up wooden effect invitations from cardstock with a wood print on it.

You can order laser engraved or color printed (you can choose various colors) wood invitations in design studios and "save the date" cards with your own design. After all, you can add some décor elements such as burlap, twine, ribbons, lace, flowers or greenery to your invitations to make them more special. Put wood invitations into personalized bags and they're ready!

I also want to say that sometimes couples pick up usual wedding invitations with wood additions, so you can repeat their ideas too. Find beautiful wooden charms, for example, little birds or heart shaped or wood "save the date" magnets. Your guests will love them!

I think that a wood invitation is one of the most memorable invitations today. Look below for various ideas of them. Get inspired!

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