22 Creative Ideas To Incorporate Buckets Into Your Wedding - Weddingomania

22 Creative Ideas To Incorporate Buckets Into Your Wedding - Weddingomania


Decorate your wedding with various buckets? What can be easier! If you like to create something incredible and cute from very simple things, then you will like these ideas. Today I offer you to look on buckets differently and consider what you can make from them for your big day.

First of all, let's talk about table centerpieces cause you can have very charming ones with buckets. You need to find small neat buckets and fill them with various flowers depending on your main wedding flowers or your wish. You should know that usually people add to buckets roses, baby breath flowers, hydrangeas, etc. You can also add some greenery to make a fresh look, paint them or write your couple names and wedding date on them. This table centerpiece will be perfect for any weddings except I guess glamorous one. You can use them as table numbers too, just add small chalkboard (you can find this idea below) and write on it a number.

If you're looking for original favor ideas for your guests, you can also use cute mini metal buckets and put into it candies or cookies. You can decorate them with ribbons, tulle fabric and beads. Of course remember that you can choose buckets for your food and drink bars using them for sweets or for cooling your champagne. If you're preparing outdoor wedding, fill buckets with flowers and put on along aisle or near wedding signs at the reception. Many couples use a bucket as an alternative for a flower girl basket, just fill it with petals and write on it some sweet words such as "Here comes the bride".
And one more (and very important too) idea is to use metal bucket as well-wishes one. I'm sure your family and friends will like it!
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