Relaxed Urban Engagement - Polka Dot Bride

Relaxed Urban Engagement - Polka Dot Bride


If hanging out in jeans and t-shirts is your favourite way to spend a day then you will love Jenna and Shaun's relaxed urban engagement with Laugh Out Loud Photography. With a backdrop of city icons - including the famous Nylex clock, I know you'll love the vibe!

Jenna tells the story of how the lovebirds met. "We saw each at a petrol station one day - then we actually met in person at the pub that same night!"

On what they love about each other, Jenna remarks, "I love that we never stop caring about each other, Sean is the most caring and loyal person I know. And I know he would do anything for me, as I would do anything for him. He is a beautiful man & I am so proud of him."

"Sean proposed on my birthday last year at one of our favourite places, Sorrento. We are actually having our wedding ceremony in the exact same location to where he got down on one knee."

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