Timeless Southern Wedding at Country Club of Mobile

Timeless Southern Wedding at Country Club of Mobile


It's Monday dear readers, and we have a beautiful Southern wedding to share today! Everything about these nuptials reflect Bride Curry's upbringing with her close-knit family, and the elegant taste she says she gets from her mama! Having grown up spending summers at the Country Club of Mobile, she'd always dreamed of a reception that spilled out onto the patio under the live oak trees and stars. This lucky lady got just the wedding she wanted, and all of its traditional touches that are just too pretty for words...

Photography by Kristin Sweeting.

The softest shades of cream, pink and peach in the beautiful bouquets by Rosegolden Flowers look so pretty with the bridesmaid's blush Wtoo gowns.

The Ceremony

Why did you choose this location for your ceremony? We chose Dauphin Way Methodist because it's my grandmother's church. She is 95 and I think she may be the person who has been attending that church the longest out of their whole congregation!

What were your ceremony readings? Colossians 3:12-17

What were your vows like? We chose to recite traditional vows because we both like what's at the heart of them - and we knew we'd be too nervous to try and memorize anything!

Your ceremony in three words. Spiritual, unified, joyous.

What was your favorite thing about your wedding ceremony? Standing together, holding each others' hands, and saying our vows looking into each others' eyes.

Is there anything else that you'd like to share about your wedding ceremony? It was important to us that our wedding ceremony reflect the marriage of Jesus to his church. That Jesus loved us and gave himself up for us and that is what marriage is designed to reflect: loving someone by placing their needs ahead of your own.

And Afterwards ...

You simply can't go wrong with classic elements - bridesmaids in blush and groomsmen in tuxes work every time!

The Reception

How would you describe your reception? It was a warm and breezy Southern night, just perfect for what we pictured: fresh seafood, a live band to encourage plenty of dancing (easy with m-town and funk), really a party for all to enjoy under the live oak trees.

The bride's cake was a gorgeous tiered confection with fresh roses cascading down the side. (The bride even asked for it to come with extra icing, a girl after our own hearts.) The groom's cake was an armadillo cake with red velvet on the inside, just like the groom's cake in the Southern wedding classic, Steel Magnolias!

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