The mother list of all mother-daughter dance songs

The mother list of all mother-daughter dance songs


My dad passed away when I was two and I've been raised by my incredible mom since then. She's my rock and best friend, and I'm looking for special ways to honor her and all of the sacrifices she's made for me at my wedding. She's going to be walking me down the aisle, and rather than give me away, she'll accept my future husband into our family.

We're also going to do a mother-daughter dance! I'm usually an absolute wreck during father-daughter dances so we're trying to keep it light and fun. Through all my research, I've yet to find a list of songs for mother-daughter dances. While most of the father-daughter and mother-son songs would work, I'd love to pick your brains to see if you have any recommendations for a less gendered list for those parents who have filled both roles. -Meg

I lost my father, too, and totally know how rad moms can be in all roles. Moms rock! And finding non-gendered songs isn't easy, but we've given it our go.

Here are some of our favorite, not-too-mushy, light-hearted, and less-gendered mother-daughter dance songs for your mom-celebrating reception.

Mother-daughter dance songs:

(Or really any parent-child dances! Warning: some are a little sappy. I couldn't help myself!)

And the best mother-daughter dance song...?

Shout-out to Dorothy and Sophia...

More wedding playlist inspiration:

Your turn! What are your favorite mother-daughter dance songs? Let us know in the comments!

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