46 Unique Steampunk Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

46 Unique Steampunk Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Steampunk weddings are unique and very eye-catchy, they are inspired by a combo of industrial, Victorian and alternative themes. If you are uncertain how to pull off such a bold wedding theme, we are here to help you!

Steampunk Wedding Attire

Steampunk wedding outfits actually remind of some cosplays or costumes, and that's not surprising because your looks are among the most important parts of your nuptials, they will help to pull off the whole theme. Accessories are everything here: statement headpieces and necklaces, tall hats and boutonnieres will make your look really steampunk.

The bride and her girls are to wear awesome ruffle and lace corset dresses, and he corset can be made of leather. The dresses usually remind of the Victorian era and look very sexy, so I'm sure that you'll love it. To make your look complete, add a statement necklace and a headpiece because these are accessories that bring steampunk flavor.

As for grooms and groomsmen, their suits should also be refined and vintage, and boots, tall hats and boutonnieres will add a cool steampunk feel to the outfits.

Steampunk Wedding Décor

Your wedding décor should remind of something industrial and Victorian at the same time, so mix these two concepts in one to get a stylish wedding with a steampunk vibe. Pipes, gears, clocks, compasses, bulbs and feathers are among the most popular details to recreate a steampunk ambience. use industrial touches wherever possible, and make a cool brooch and rhinestone bouquet looking steampunk as such weddings are about flowers. Centerpieces can be also made without florals - just take some books, feathers, a pocket watch, gears and a clothe to create your own cool one. Have bulbs hanging from above at your ceremony spot and reception to make it more steampunk-like.

Steampunk Wedding Food

Steampunk wedding cakes and cupcakes is almost a part of décor. Modern confectioners create such masterpieces that you won't take your eyes off! Fantastic cakes and cupcakes decorated with edible gears, tall hats, pocket watches, vintage keys and feathers will blow your mind and will stick to your theme perfectly. You can also go for a white cake decorated and topped with various beads, rhinestones, metal hearts and mechanisms.

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