Wedding Planning Tips: Budgeting for Centerpieces

Wedding Planning Tips: Budgeting for Centerpieces


How much do wedding flowers cost? Well, there are a lot of different factors that can determine the price - from the flowers used, to the size, and of course, the quantity! To give you an actual idea, Taya of Compass Floral's is here with a bunch of different centerpieces to fit different budgets + tastes! Her friend, Cavin Elizabeth Photography, tells us Taya creates the most gorgeous wedding flower arrangements. Her work has just enough femininity and organic touches to exhibit incredibly beautiful and unique designs.

Ready to be inspired? Let's take a look at the centerpieces and get an idea of pricing!

A medium-sized, loose arrangement with mid cost flowers is about $100 - $150. This one is full of eclectic greens and a few different types of flowers: roses, spray roses, dahlias, carnations, sedums, Scabiosa, Queen Anne's Lace.

Large, loose arrangements like this one run about $175 - $225. It's got a mix of mid to high end flowers, such as: roses, spray roses, dahlias, carnations, sedums, hellebores, persimmons, Scabiosa, Cotinus, privet berries, bittersweets, Queen Anne's Lace, and explosion grass.

This large, loose arrangement would usually cost about $250+, and has the most floral variety. Adding to the above list are peonies and ranunculus. The greens used in each of the arrangements were nandina, sarcococca, bay laurel + huckleberry.

So, so pretty!!

We hope that gives you a good idea and on the right path to planning your florals + budgeting! A huge thank you to Compass Floral and Cavin Elizabeth Photography for sharing!!

photography: Cavin Elizabeth Photography // florals: Compass Floral

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