10 Exciting Entertainment Ideas For a Festival Wedding

10 Exciting Entertainment Ideas For a Festival Wedding


We have teamed up with one of our Festival Wedding Directory Suppliers, Warble Entertainment to bring you 10 Exciting Entertainment Ideas for a Festival Wedding. We're talking band suggestions, fire performers, face painting, beat boxers and fantasy performers, all of which are available to hire through their website.

Warble Entertainment are a wedding band and entertainment agency whose website plays host to thousands of amazing wedding bands and performers. They have a clever online portal which allows for you to search for a band for your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast, and evening reception and, if you prefer to speak to someone, they offer a personal finding service over the phone.

So without further ado, here are their 10 entertainment ideas that are perfect for a Festival Wedding.....

Remember those long summer evenings dancing until the sun goes down at your favourite festivals? There's something magical and endearing about the pure sense of freedom and togetherness that can be discovered at a festival.

Festival weddings have come along leaps and bounds in the past few years. There are so many more options nowadays for you to create your very own Glastonbury, Reading or even Download for your wedding!

It's all about providing an amazing experience for you and your guests - one that can even rival festivals they have attended in the past.

Here are 10 exciting wedding entertainment ideas that will allow your guests to be part of something iconic and memorable, and make having a good time a number one priority!

Get ready to lose yourself in your favourite summer festival anthems all night long with Gentlemen Of The Road. True to their name, these gentlemen have spent their time travelling and touring, honing their performances filling dance floors.

Not only that, they are also incredibly versatile and can offer both an acoustic set and an electric party set that will have your guests dancing and singing along to every word!

This sublime trio don't need any drums, guitars, or keyboards to provide an incredible, energetic set at your festival wedding. Why? Because they are completely reliant on making music with only their mouths!

Bloxed Beatbox are no strangers to the festival scene and are regularly performing shows in front of big crowds, with only microphones at hand. Insanely talented and know exactly how to win over an audience, Bloxed Beatbox are a must if you want an amazing live experience.

You will also get the joy of seeing your guests attempting, and failing to beatbox throughout the night after watching the boys and wanting to imitate!

If you can't get enough of the live music scene and the passion and excitement that comes with seeing live bands, then you really need to check it this energetic power trio. RIOT! really will rock your festival wedding.

Their sets are packed with infectious indie rock hits that will go down great in the festival scene. RIOT! are the real thing, and if you are a proper music lover, these guys should be your choice this summer.

It goes without saying that live music and killer bands are a central part of the festival vibe, but don't just rely on your bands to set the tone for the day.

Create a spectacle for your guests with expert stilt walkers and costume creators, the Fantasy Performers. Your guests will be enchanted at the incredibly dramatic Living Flower Displays as they roam around your venue in amazingly creative and realistic costumes.

They will also create custom made costumes to suit your wedding as they create everything from scratch! Let your mind wander and see if you can make your fantasy a reality...

The Brixton Barndance are unrivalled for those chilled out summer evenings spent with your friends and family, listening to great music and sharing that festival fever.

The trio can provide your pop hits that everyone knows, with a wonderful bluegrass twist. The line up includes acoustic guitar, double bass and a mandolin, which makes for a wonderfully authentic sound and is great fun to sing and dance along to.

The band is available as an acoustic unplugged act but can easily amp up to their sound system if your wedding entertainment needs more volume.

Another great idea for a festival wedding are Bubble Performers. Bubble Performers are perfect for bringing some colour and fun to your wedding, something that more traditional weddings can often be lacking! Unique, entertaining and visually stunning, both adults and children will find it difficult to resist both chasing (and popping) these larger than life bubbles.

Imagine the atmosphere and the feelings that this will evoke within your guests. A unique act like this provides a childlike sense of wonder and imagination, all whilst setting a wonderful summer scene that will look amazing in your festival wedding photos.

Not only do you want your band to sound incredible (which these guys certainly do), but it's even better if they arrive dressed to impress like The Buskers.

The Buskers are the UK's premium acoustic roaming band, meaning that they can move between tables and groups at your wedding, performing intimate sets of music to each group of guests - all whilst bringing some rustic, yet smart and sleek fashion to proceedings.

Roaming bands are becoming increasingly popular, and can really add something a bit different and fun to a live performance that your guests would normally be used to.

One aspect of weddings that is often overlooked is the attendance of children, and how to keep them entertained and out of trouble.

Lisa The Face Painter is indispensable when it comes to keeping the kids busy, and also adds to that summer festival feel that you're striving for. Lisa works closely with a team of face painters and can also offer freehand glitter tattoos and balloon modelling, giving your wedding an injection of fun.

Let's be honest though, even it is aimed at the younger crowd - there is no shame in having a go yourself and getting your face painted, if anything it's encouraged!

For the ultimate Mumford & Sons festival style wedding band, look no further than The Fable.

Their set is full of songs from festival headliners, and they absolutely nail the sound that defines what it's like to be at a festival. Close your eyes and you could be at any of your favourite summer festivals when listening to these guys.

The Fable come suited and booted with an authentic look and even more authentic summer festival instruments like the double bass and banjo, which are so iconic and reminiscent of bands like Mumford & Sons for your very own festival wedding.

So as the sun begins to sink over the horizon on a warm summers evening, you'll want something spectacular to really round off the night and place your festival wedding in the history books as one of the best.

The obvious thing to go for is fireworks - but haven't we all seen that typical firework display dozens of times already?

Fire Performers will give your guests something to remember your wedding by. With a whole range of fire performing techniques such as fire eating, juggling and pyrotechnics, they will add an element of danger and excitement as a closing note when the night draws in.

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