38 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles With Fresh Flowers - Weddingomania

38 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyles With Fresh Flowers - Weddingomania


Spring and summer wedding seasons are coming closer, and if all the weddings are full of flowers, these ones are even more floral-inspired ones because the seasons just scream blooms. You can use flowers for various types of décor all over the ceremony spot and the venue, and of course you will carry a bouquet but there's one more idea to incorporate fresh flowers into your bridal look.

Wearing fresh flower accessories is a cool idea for every bride, this is especially actual in spring and summer. Most of brides choose floral crowns but if you don't want it, you can rock just fresh blooms in your hair. Fresh flowers can match any bridal look: rustic, beach, boho chic, modern, glam or any other. The most popular hairstyles to rock them are updos and half updos, braids and sometimes loose hair but the latter a floral crown is better. As for the braids, we've already shared some, and you can have a look at them here. Today I'm sharing some awesome ideas to rock fresh flowers in your wedding hair and look gorgeous, let's have a look at them.


Updos are very popular among brides because they are long-lasting and look awesome, and you can find lots of options: twisted, curly, braided, messy or elegant, side swept or usual one, and you can accessorize every hairstyle with fresh blooms and greenery. Choose flowers you like, succulents, air plants and greenery and tuck them into your wedding hair to make a statement and to look more feminine. Brides usually rock the same flowers in the bouquet and hair to get a chic united look, and if you have a certain color scheme, try to choose blooms in these shades, too.

Half Updos

Half updos are another great option to wear fresh flowers, and this is a cool idea to show off your gorgeous locks. A half updo can be also braided, curly, twisted, side swept, messy or any other, and the amount of hanging locks is up to you - there are ideas for every type of bride for sure. Tuck fresh flowers or a fresh bloom comb into your hair and look stunning! Remember that a half updo isn't as long-lasting as an updo, so you'll have to attach the flowers in a very secure way.

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