36 Inspiring And Fresh Poolside Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania

36 Inspiring And Fresh Poolside Wedding Ideas - Weddingomania


Whether it's a backyard poolside wedding, or a tropical destination one, a pool is always a great eye-catching feature that should be incorporated into your wedding right and with style. How to pull off a poolside wedding in a chic and elegant way, how to make a pool your advantage, main decor feature and a memorable thing? Here are some ideas.

Pool Floats

Decorating your pool is perhaps the main concern because it's a large water feature that will take a lot of space of your venue. Decorate the pool with cool floats made of flowers, which will echo with the rest of the décor. Balloons hanging over the pool or right inside it looks awesome, and you can attach tassels and greenery to them. you can create interesting floating arrangements with flowers, candles or flower petals or take moss monograms to decorate the pool.

Pool Lights

Every pool should be illuminated properly to look gorgeous in the pics and to excite your guests, and this is especially actual at night, there's something special about water and fire, even if it's candle light. We advise to add candles and candle lanterns to the floats so you could light them when it's dark. Another idea is to use floating lanterns or put some candle lanterns to line up the pool. Mix them all with greenery, florals of your choice, tassels and balloons and you'll get a cool look!

Poolside Ceremony Décor

Put your aisle right over the pool! It will look super dreamy and will save some space, and if the aisle is transparent, it will super gorgeous, as if you are walking on the water! The poolside ceremonies are usually decorated in neutrals or white, you may add sparkles to make the ceremony spot more glam-like. Hang chandeliers for more lights, lots of florals and airy fabric. The pool will perfectly reflects all the sparkles and make your ceremony shining.

Poolside Reception Décor

The reception décor is up to you and your wedding style, most of couple go for neutrals, white and some sparkles but you can rock vibrant shades if it's a tropical affair. If it's Italy, why not go for Mediterranean style and decorate with olive leaves and branches and wicker furniture. Have a look at the examples below!

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