What to Pack for Fashion Week with Nordstrom Global Trend Reporter Kristin Yamada

What to Pack for Fashion Week with Nordstrom Global Trend Reporter Kristin Yamada


Our Global Fashion Reporter Kristin Yamada is never without her camera, visually and mentally processing style. Her job is to travel to Fashion Week and other assignments, document fashion on the street, and report back to us what it all means.

She feeds perfect photos to The Thread for our galleries and slideshows. But what you don't see are her physical trend reports, hefty tomes which she delivers and explains live to an internal audience. Where did this collar come from? What does the combination of this sneaker and this handbag indicate? Kristin has the answers. She's a combination field biologist and fashion anthropologist.

Also she's just cool. Here she is talking about packing for Fashion Week.

SHOP: Vetements tee | Alexander Wang bootie | Herbivore body polish | Bose headphones | Christopher Kane cardigan | Creatures of Comfort bag What item of clothing can you not wait to bust out during Fashion Week?

A newly customized marl knit beanie. I'll be rocking that baby on the regular. Fall / Winter rounds of fashion month are frigid so warm and woolly soft accessories are often where style meets survival in the street.

What will you do to recover? Do you have a secret FW weapon?

Creating moments of calm is key to restoring my health bar as I go. The perfect balance of silence and vibe-y jams helps me relax after long days and lengthy travel.

My secret playlist weapon for FW17? Sampha - hands down. Check. Him. Out. I've ear-stalked this man for five years, from record label parties in Tulum to Art Basel. His first full-length album "Process" has finally dropped and it is something to get lost in.

Returning home, I go straight into the next phase of my fashion week work: a 200-page trend report. Editing down the thousands of images and writing copy takes about a week. Digitally producing the document requires another.

This is the point where I make sure to schedule a couple massages. They help undo the toll of hours on planes and loosen muscles before jumping back into desk mode.

Finally, the moment comes to present and publish. It's very rewarding. As is the day after that, when I recover by giving myself a pass to do nothing but sleep, drink tea and wear only clothing that is at least 3 sizes too big.

Shoes: comfort or style? What shoes will you be wearing?

Both, always. Thick-laced Prada hikers are still my go-to winter boots. I live in those things this time of year. Classic low top chucks and all white Airmax will also be in tow - they keep all bases covered. I haven't quite landed on which heel will win a spot in the suitcase, mostly because I'm itching for a new pair... but trying hard to behave.

Number one thing you won't forget to squeeze in while at Fashion Week.

A stop by the Foundation Louis Vuitton in Paris. The Frank Gehry wonder and its seasonal exhibitions are always well worth the bit of trek to get out there.

Who's the one person you know you'll make time to see despite the insanity?

My brother from another, Adrien. He's one of my favorite, creative earthly beings. So favorite, in fact, that my fiancé and I have roped him into marrying us soon! He will be in New York with fellow Aquarian gal pal Keri, so we've got a double birthday dinner in the works.

What's your favorite all-time souvenir from Fashion Week?

I scored a fresh copy of the Vetements "Summercamp" book last season when it launched at the Comme des Garçons Trading Museum. After traveling 4,994 miles back to Seattle with me, it has become hardcore coffee table BFFs with my Frank Ocean "Boys Don't' Cry" zine.

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