Keeping Romance Alive, Holy Matrimoji, and Have a Happy Weekend!

Keeping Romance Alive, Holy Matrimoji, and Have a Happy Weekend!


How's your week going? I'm looking forward to a little break from the rain this weekend, and loading up on some much needed Vitamin D! I want to totally be honest with you, this week has been really exciting for us! We're building momentum with our meaningful wedding posts and we're delighted that so many of you are submitting vintage bride stories, and your own wedding vows and ceremony scripts! If you didn't get a chance to read these wedding vows, they're definitely my favorite so far and you don't want to miss out. I think these vows are beautiful and exactly the kind of thing we want to continue to share with you! As always we're still going to share beautiful real wedding inspiration, but we're (!!!!!!!) inside with excitement for this new direction ( and we hope you like it). Have a lovely weekend! xo

Life lessons on how to keep romance alive. ( Image and shoes above by Soludos via Camille Styles.)

Holy Matrimoji.

I was given this as gift and I LOVE IT so much.

I've been seeing some really cool art installations lately, from The Broad Museum, to SF Moma, to Hishhorn Museum. I like it.

I thought this article was interesting... maybe we are all less busy then we think we are!

I use and abuse my poor laptop, so maybe it's time to get it a new home?

Finally! Permission to eat chocolate every day.

How fun is this cheeky "proposal" card?

A few tips on etiquette (via Say Yes). I really like this! If you're busy now, save it for later!

Photography is for lovers.

I'm getting excited for some upcoming travel this year, and Barcelona looks like the perfect detour.

I'm a sucker for small purses, and just picked this one up this week. It makes me happy!

Is it terrible that I'm promoting TV shows? But... I just binge watched The OA last weekend and I was instantly hooked. Have you seen it?

All the rain has me really excited for THIS!

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