DIY these geeky wedding candles for centerpieces or a unity candle

DIY these geeky wedding candles for centerpieces or a unity candle


Remember these easy-peasy DIY menu candles we created a while back? Here's a spin on that project that your geeky self can use for a unity candle ceremony and/or for your geeky centerpieces. They're tall jar candles wrapped in lovely romantic and geeky quotes from your favorite movies and TV shows.

I chose three quotes from The Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and The Nightmare Before Christmas. Match your chosen quotes to your theme, table names/themes, etc.

What you'll need for these geeky wedding candles:

  • Clear glass jar candles (like these from Amazon, available at grocery and big box stores, too)
  • 8.5 x 11" (standard letter size) paper, any color - I used translucent vellum for a snazzier look (this kind prints really well)
  • Clear tape (this kind becomes almost invisible)

That's it! You'll want to create your quotes for centerpieces, a unity candle ceremony, etc. in a word processing program, find a good font (like this Game of Thrones font!), and just print it out on your paper. I also found a few related design elements to include as well.

Trim the paper to fit the height of the candles, then just wrap and tape. If you'd rather not use tape, you can also run a small line of glue to secure the edges.

Find TONS of geeky quotes here:

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