31 Trendy Geometric Wedding Backdrops - Weddingomania

31 Trendy Geometric Wedding Backdrops - Weddingomania


Geometric wedding décor is super trendy and hot, many couple include such décor into their weddings or even choose geometry as the main wedding theme. Geometric cake décor, centerpieces, candle holders, chair décor and aisle lining, even bridal accessories - these touches will make your wedding hot, whatever theme you are rocking. Today I'd like to share geometric wedding backdrops, which are among the most popular details ever.


These are the cutest and the most popular figures for geometric décor. They can be made of wood, metal or cardboard and decorated with greenery, bold or neutral blooms, succulents and air plants, candle holders and bulbs, everything here depends on the colors and theme you have. I totally adore the idea of climbing greenery or red amaranthus hanging from the wooden hexagons. If you are having an indoor wedding, why not use a wall to install your colored paper hexagons? They will really make a statement.


Triangles are another super popular option to try. They can be made of metal, wood, cardboard, branches and any other material. Paint them whatever you like and stack or attach in some eye-catchy way, and I also like the idea of floating chaotic triangles in the air. You can opt for usual colorful triangle backdrop, maybe painted right on the wall, or dimensional 3D paper triangle art in different shades to make a bold statement. If you chose triangles of wood or metal, decorate them with greenery and blooms or put small candles on each 'shelf'.

Living walls are one of the hottest trends in décor, and you can opt for a geometric living wall - just separate the part with some stripes and choose different greenery for each part.


Diamonds are chic thanks to that dimensional look, and you'll have to hang them. Attach the diamonds to your arch or arbor or to the ceiling. If these aren't metal diamonds with greenery and blooms, these can be 3D colorful paper diamonds, looks so whimsy! You can also go for a diamond geo backdrop installing several metal arches in an exact way. Such a backdrop will stand out!

Other Ideas

If you want to DIY, make a colorful square backdrop, and make it folded for a more eye-catchy look. if you are having a star-themed or space-themed wedding, why not opt for hanging constellation pieces shaped as geo ones? One more idea is rocking some irregular geo shaped arch - perfect is sick, so why not? Get inspired!

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