Toss colorful pom-poms instead of rice after your ceremony

Toss colorful pom-poms instead of rice after your ceremony


Do you know what Annie and Jose totally needed at their ceremony under towering redwood trees? A bunch of colorful pom-poms to toss for a killer photo-op. They're cheap, easy to clean up (make sure you're delegating that to someone to keep the venue clean!), and totally adorable in their little baggies.

Feel free to keep the pom-poms after the wedding for craft projects (or in my house, cat toys). Or, if you've got some DIY time before the wedding, string a few of them into garlands for decor, backdrops, or even jewelry!

More ways to use pom-poms in your wedding:

Other rice tossing alternatives!

Catherine Clark

Catherine Clark is Offbeat Bride's Senior Editor. In her spare time she loiters at her local library, makes art, watches movies en masse, plays video and tabletop games, poorly cooks healthy things, cuddles with her feline fur baby, and blogs at

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