Великий Гэтсби " Свадьба #2

wedding photo - Portofino Wedding Earrings (ic)

Portofino Wedding Earrings (ic)

Aye Do Ltd - Portofino Wedding Earrings (ic), £34.99 (http://www.ayedoweddings.co.uk/portofino-wedding-earrings-ic/) #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Gatsby


A Little Party Never Killed Nobody Wine Label by TwilaCo on Etsy, $4.00 #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Photo - Do Frog Princes Wear Crowns?

Photo - Do Frog Princes Wear Crowns?

"Let us learn to show our friendship for a man when he is alive and not after he is dead.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - HAUTE COUTURE


Beautiful silver/grey-printed 1920's wedding dress #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Sylvie Wedding Hairvine (ic)

Sylvie Wedding Hairvine (ic)

Aye Do Ltd - Sylvie Wedding Hairvine (ic), £135.00 (http://www.ayedoweddings.co.uk/sylvie-wedding-hairvine-ic/) #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Audrey And Marilyn

Audrey And Marilyn

Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady - My favorite Audrey film! I always wanted my wedding dress to resemble her ball gown :) ... it doesn't, lol. #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Costume Design

Costume Design

who could not love this classic fashion and the classic beautiful woman wearing it! #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Lg Swarovski Heart Garter (bb)

Lg Swarovski Heart Garter (bb)

Aye Do Ltd - Lg Swarovski Heart Garter (bb), £21.99 (http://www.ayedoweddings.co.uk/lg-swarovski-heart-garter-bb/) #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice

10 Websites Every Bride Should Use To Plan Her Wedding #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Coisas De Cinema

Coisas De Cinema

I knew it was a great mistake for a man like me to fall in love... #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo -  Top 10 Trends"1920's"

Top 10 Trends"1920's"

Find all your wedding needs at www.brides-book.com Wedding planning can be extremely exciting if you know how to plan a wedding. If you don't, brides-book.com has tons of planning ideas and advice #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Jaren 20

Jaren 20

If i could go back to an era it would have to be the 1920's. Beautiful dresses, jazz music and chivalry #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty

Royal Ascot Wedding - "My Fair Lady" Inspiration - Anne Barge - Atlanta Weddings Magazine #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Wedding


Wroxall Abbey Wedding Fair ~ Marquee Wedding Flower Inspiration #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - GORGEOUS FASHION


Elizabeth Jane Howell Vintage Debuntante Collection 2015 2016 RTW (Great Gatsby Gown) #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Mi Visión Y Valores

Mi Visión Y Valores

clean/simplified lines to suggest deco without screaming "great gatsy theme" #20s #greatgatsby

wedding photo - Spring Banquet 2016

Spring Banquet 2016

Stage - black edge lining from the hall. Add a drape of gold tinsel around stage #20s #greatgatsby