Свадьба - Seeing Penn Station Through a Different Light

Seeing Penn Station Through a Different Light

I had a fantastic, fun session with Gina and Gary, and I managed to surprise myself with this one. Yes, I've been getting a kick out of using the golden rule of photography "nothing outside the frame actually exists" to turn Newark into a verdant wonderland. But when Gina and Gary told me they wanted to shoot in Penn Station I thought "Ok, this will be fun, we'll re-enact the early stages of their relationship, capture the feeling of a surging crowd, etc." but I never thought the station itself would look good. Penn Station … the shame of NYC, an architectural disaster so terrible that it inspired a new movement in architectural preservation, and some great episodes of Mad Men … transformed by a dramatic underexposure and a Wells-Fargo sign (which is outside the frame, and so doesn't exist). It actually was a delight to walk around and see the place not as my eyes would see it, but as my camera would.

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/carpeicthus/595468476

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