Свадьба - The Enlightened bride

The Enlightened bride

Congratulations to the Yiting and Ben who got married this weekend. A very luxurious and cheeky Vera Wang dress coupled with a long delicate veil made it seem like a Royal Wedding. The ceremony and reception was held at Hengrave Hall, a beautiful 16th century Tudor Mansion in Suffolk, with an expansive garden and its own chapel. The roses and peonies released a sweet scent in all the rooms which were paneled in oak. The string quartet played baroque and classical pieces in the garden all afternoon making this day very chic and sophisticated. More photos to come! All right reserved. @ Alexandre Moreau Photography 2013 More info: www.alexandremoreauphoto.com

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/ptital/9506491905/siz

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