Свадьба - The Fabulous  ~ Mira

The Fabulous ~ Mira

I met her during my friend wedding, she is the bridesmaid. What an amazing is the story behind this amazing girl. She has been worked and lived in wild jungle of Jambi, Sumatera - Indonesia to save Sumatran Elephant for almost 1 year. During short chit chat with her she has encourage me to adopt an elephant to save more elephant lives in Sumatran. I really appreciated and impressed with her work, for leaving big city life and work inside jungle. I was familiar with this province as I did many travel to the surrounded area which really hard for a young woman to do that. her camp is 5 hours driving from the capital of Jambi which totally off road. This is the first time she back to Jakarta for my friend wedding after almost a year inside the jungle. For Flickrian friends and contact, please support her work as well and look their official website :Sumatran Elephant Conservation Initiative BTW, I'm really glad to met her and would support her work as well...^__^

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/yemaria/10136966983/s

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