How To Paint a One Stroke Rose ~ Step by Step Tutorial

Link para mi canal en español : Hello! Happy Friday ~ I'm running late today, sorry) But here's this weeks design. My favorite nail art designs to work on is the one stoke floral manicures. The one stroke technique is so original & unique to the artist that's working the design. It does take practice & its not an overnight technique that can be learned. It took me months of practice before I felt a little more confident to work on manicures using this technique. There were times I would practice for hours & I wasn't seeing any progress. I would then take days or even week long breaks before I would try practicing again. But when I would begin practicing again I would notice that the previous hours spent practicing had helped. I wanted to tell you my story, this way you don't give up permanently on getting good at this technique, take breaks even week long breaks but always be willing to give it a try again, when you least expect it you'll be designing your own one stroke designs. When working on this type of nail design you can save money on nail decorations, because all you need is your experience & acrylic paints. I truly appreciate all the support you give me, Big Hugs ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tools & brands I used to achieve this nail art design : Frosty pink nail polish is by NYC called Love Letters Black acrylic paint is by Folk Art in Black Green acrylic paint is by Apple Barrel called Leaf Green Darker tone green acrylic paint is by Deco Art name Crystal Green White acrylic paint is by Folk Art in White Pink colored acrylic paint is by Americana called Royal Fuchsia Topcoat Seche Vite Brushes : To paint the one stroke flower I used a Loew-Cornell in size #4 To refill the French manicure & give detail to the center of my flower I used an American Painter in size 10/0 To outline my flower & paint the vine I used a liner brush by Amazing Shine in size short Music by Dan-O at The name of the track: Mars and Stars Direct link to the license terms:

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