How To Paint A Blue One Stroke Flower / Nail Art Design Tutorial

My Spanish Channel Link: Hello! Happy Friday ~ Here's the new news on youtube. Google , we don't have much of a choice so we'll have to get on track with all the new changes. I'm having trouble with answering comments. Its frustrating! I can't answer your comments with this new layout. Please don't think I'm ignoring you or I don't want to answer, there's just no option for me to answer. I do appreciate & am very grateful for your comments. I'm hoping this issue will be solved soon. I'm sure it will, its just all so new. But we've dealt with other issues around here so I'm sure we'll get accustomed to this new form as well. Let me know what you think about the new google .... If there's any new info you can share in the comment section on things you've been able to figure out with this new google layout I'm sure it will be greatly appreciated by all of us who are trying to get the hang of this :) This Sunday if all goes as planned I'll be uploading the how to crochet beret hat I wore on this video. See You Guys There ;) Now for the list of products & brands I used to this manicure video : Blue Nail Polish is by Santee called Neon Saphire Glitter Polish is by Stila called Disco Ball White acrylic paint is by Folk Art, called White Blue Acrylic paint is by Faber Castell in the color Blue Green paint I used to paint the leaves is by Apple Barrel called Leaf Green Green Glitter Paint is by Folk Art by name Peridot Where to find these paints? Try Michaels the craft store... Brush I used to paint the one stroke flower is by Robert Simmons #4 Striper brush is by Amazing Shine in size short Topcoat I used for this design is by Beauty Secrets. Here's a link to the video where I talk about my favorite base & topcoats: Want to grow your nails long? Here's the video link where I share step by step what I do to keep my nails naturally long: Music by Dan-O at The name of the track: Mars and Stars Direct link to the license terms:

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