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I’ve been trying to rid my life of time-wasting activities to focus on things that actually matter. And then today, I was turned onto a new time-wasting activity which is simple in nature, but frustrating. Just trying to catch a cat. The object is just to circle the cat, but this cat is just SO smart! I’ve only done it twice in… well, lets just say several dozen attempts. I think my kids would like it because it’s a logical game. I think drunk college students would like it because it’s “mind expanding”. Now since solving it, it made me think back to my other time-wasting site, which after a free registration occupied SEVERAL hours of my time about… 4 years ago. They redesigned the site, and all the games are still there, and still frustrating. Yeti Sports My favorite one is the Flamingo Drive, where, as a smiling Yeti, I use a flamingo, and smack

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/37245611

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