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Я С U Peeking

One of my biggest gripes with professional sports is that players seem to move onto teams after just a couple years, if not less. They want a better team, more money, or just get tired of where they are. There’s no more dedication to the team to build the franchise. It’s hard to get behind a “team” if it’s constituents keep changing. I grew up with the Lakers in the 80s, which meant that Magic, Worthy, Scott, Kareem, AC & Rambis would be back year after year. And part of being a good fan is disliking the other teams. I disliked Shaq because he was this big dumb oaf who used his great size to dominate. But then… the Lakers got him, so I had to change my attitude towards him and like him. He was good for those years, but then left. Then come to find out that the Lakers acquire hot-head Ron Artest who I’ve never liked because of his ill-tempered past. He was in the center of the

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