Свадьба - Удовлетворение от работы

Удовлетворение от работы

Two weekends ago I shot the wedding of Vanesa & Eddie. I had to hustle a little bit to process their 1,100+ photos, but got them back by the time they got back from their week honeymoon. After posting them, I was happy to get the following email from Vanesa: …We are so impressed that so many of these shots were framed so well and just captured great moments. I personally love the shot of us with an elderly woman's hand with her own wedding ring in the foreground. You did a great job of moving around and getting all the angles during the ceremony, even the balcony where the organist and soloist were - this is a good thing as I only spoke to those women by phone and never personally met them! You even got a pic of the random people who were hanging out in the back of the church to watch, including this older woman who I ALWAYS see in church with her mantilla veil, one of those strange characters who is a fixture

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/33626432

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