Свадьба - Люкс Для Души И Девичник

Люкс Для Души И Девичник

Bahaha! Great bachelorette party game! Everyone attending should bring a pair of (BRAND NEW) panties that ‘represents’ them or would somehow remind the bride of them. For example, someone who loves cats can bring a Hello, Kitty! thong. Then, you lay out all the panties and the bride must guess which panties belong to each guest. If she’s wrong, she has to take a drink. If she’s right, the guest drinks. The bride gets to keep all the underwear as a souvenir. bridalshower bachelorette #bridalshower #девичник

Источник : http://heart-2-home.com//?p=41598

Это ваше или знаете ли вы, кто продает ?

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