Свадьба - Изумрудно-Фитиль


17/52 Still playing catch up. I have photo's but I'm just really bad at uploading them in time. Although I am cheating for this week because for my week 17 all I had time to do was study and take my finals. Blech. But I decided to reveal a shot I took at my brothers wedding that took place on April 18th. I was only able to capture a few getting ready shots because I was in the wedding but it was loads of fun. It was kinda refreshing to fully attend a wedding for once rather than worrying about running around and capturing every moment of it. I'm so excited to call Emerald my sister now! My brother picked an amazing women. Facebook. Tumblr. Blog. Website.

Источник : http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/14255807

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