Свадьба - Strawberries & Cream Cocktail

Strawberries & Cream Cocktail

Strawberries & Cream Cocktail ~~~Ingredients~~ 2 oz strawberry vodka, 1½ oz whipped vodka, 2 strawberries (thinly sliced-plus extra for garnish), Soda water ~~ Prep ~~ 1.In a shaker, add ice and both vodkas. 2. Shake vigorously and set aside. 3.Muddle the sliced strawberries in the bottom of a glass. 4. Fill the glass with ice and top with the vodka mixture. 5. Stir gently and top with soda water (it’s up to you on how much soda water to add. 6. Garnish with a strawberry

Источник : http://www.cakenknife.com/strawberries-cream-cockt

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